My Journey


My name is Nikki, and I was raised in a family that introduced me to spirituality from a grounded perspective. My father practiced natural energy healing  and taught Chi Neng Qigong, a Chinese movement discipline focused on relaxation and energy. When I was six, I began to perceive colors when he performed energy treatments on me. I used to call it "seeing green," and I found it enchanting and mesmerizing.


The enchantment slowly faded as the negative aspects of my heightened sensitivity and spiritual gifts began to overshadow my experience. I struggled to cope with the "unexplainable" and the overwhelming emotions that accompanied it. What had once seemed enchanting became my deepest fear. I started suppressing my feelings and relying solely on my intellect as a means to conform to societal norms. What I failed to realize was that, in doing so, I was relinquishing a part of myself and my power, unable to escape my own sensitivity. The more I disregarded my perceptions and emotions, the more intense the feelings and consequences became. This initiated a tumultuous journey.


Ultimately, I made the decision to confront my fears and embarked on a quest to coexist with my sensitivity instead of merely enduring it. Looking back, this marked a pivotal moment in my life. In addition to seeking support from conventional healthcare, I turned to various sources for guidance in nurturing my spiritual development. As a result, I was able to reclaim and fortify my inner power. Over time, I discovered how to seamlessly integrate spirituality into my everyday life, learning to navigate it. As a result, I no longer perceive it as a curse, but as a blessing.


Today, I hold certification as a Reiki Master, regularly providing Reiki energy treatments for natural healing, and I am authorized to train individuals in the Usui System of Natural Healing & Kundalini. I have broadened my expertise in the spiritual realm, heavily relying on tools like tarot, crystals, astrology, and numerology to gain fresh perspectives and insights that offer support. It brings me immense joy to be able to help people discover their spiritual path and offer the guidance I longed for during my own journey, all while continuing to provide energy healing.