Tarot & Oracle Cards

Tarot and oracle cards have been developed as tools to better visualize energy fields, making them easier to interpret. The cards serve as inspiration to gain new insights from a different perspective. They are intended as aids to gain more insight into what you unconsciously feel and/or know. On the Tarot & Oracle Cards page, you can find more information about tarot and how to start working with it yourself. Below are various links to different online oracles, various online tarot courses, and additional information.


Online tarot reading with explanation (choose from various layout patterns)

Online collective card readings & choose a card sessions (free)

Many different collective card readings can be found on YouTube, including readings based on zodiac signs and themed readings where you can intuitively choose a card. Search on YouTube for: tarot reading, tarot (zodiac sign), or pick a card tarot. Various options will appear for you to choose from. If you are a beginner in card reading, I recommend watching readings from different card readers to gain insight into various decks, methods, and techniques used.



Meaning of tarot cards

Complete online basic course on reading tarot cards

Key aspects during intermediate-level card reading

Online course on Tarot symbols