Universal Laws

The term "universal" or "cosmic laws" is a concept within esoterics. Esoteric laws are religious concepts based on spiritual experiences. Centuries-old oral tradition and virtually all wisdom traditions speak of the existence of universal laws. Especially in esoterics and the new age movement, Universal Laws are seen as the foundation from which humanity can evolve towards a higher consciousness. Ancient mystical, esoteric, and secret teachings from thousands of years ago provide insight into these universal laws. These laws describe and explain the essence of the nature, meaning, and operation of the universe. It is assumed that these laws are active in the daily life of humans and have a significant influence on our existence.

1 The Law of Divine Unity
2 The Law of Vibration
3 The Law of Action
4 The Law of Correspondence
5 The Law of Cause and Effect
6 The Law of Compensation
7 The Law of Attraction
8 The Law of the Endless Transmutation of Energy
9 The Law of Relativity
10 The Law of Polarity
11 The Law of Rhythm
12 The Law of Gender