On this page, we'll take you on a fascinating journey through the world of energy. Energy is the fundamental building block of everything around us and forms the core of who you are, an essential aspect in the realm of spirituality. You carry a unique combination of energy with you and are constantly in contact with the energies surrounding you. While some energies are consciously perceptible through your senses, others remain subtler and are often associated with intuition and subconscious perceptions. On this page, we will delve deeper into how energy affects you and how you can become more conscious of managing it. Let's embark on this captivating journey together and explore the power of energy, as it is practically applicable to everyone. It provides a key to more balance, well-being in your daily life, and encourages spiritual growth.


Do you experience influences from external sources, such as negative energies or entities? Discover here how to protect yourself energetically against external influences.


Everything is energy

In the boundless universe, everything consists of energy. Even the smallest building blocks, such as atoms, are actually vibrations and waves of energy according to quantum physics. In fact, 99.99999...% of all atoms are composed of these energy waves, each vibrating at its own unique frequency. These energy waves are referred to as quanta in science. Whether it's living beings, matter, scents, thoughts, or emotions, each element has its own energetic composition and vibrational level. This means that everything is imbued with energy and emits its own energy.

"An interesting fact is that even our thoughts are composed of these energy waves, and they can be measured using an EEG."

Every human being is composed of energy

Humans, too, are fundamentally constructed of quanta. These quanta form atoms, atoms become molecules, leading to cells and tissues. Tissues are part of organs, and organs are part of the entire nervous system. Therefore, every person is essentially made up of a unique combination of quanta, energy waves, with their own vibrational frequency. You and everything around you are filled with energy. Even a seemingly empty space is not truly empty but filled with energies that we, as humans, cannot directly perceive. This vast energy field in which we live is also known as the quantum field or universal life energy. The energy that fills us is constantly changing. The energy waves of our own thoughts and perceptions influence our energy field, but the energy waves from others and the environment also have an impact on us. This makes every person unique at any given moment because we are constantly evolving.

The Human Energy System

Ieder mens beschikt over een energiesysteem waarmee we continue energiegolven  ontvangen en uitzenden.  Al deze energiegolven stromen via energiebanen door ons lichaam naar onder andere onze organen en zintuigen. Die energiebanen noemen we meridianen. De meridianen staan in contact met de chakra’s, die je kunt zien als de knooppunten van energie waarmee we energie opnemen en uitstralen. Ze verdelen de energie in ons lichaam en functioneren als een soort trechters die de medianen van energie voorzien. Door de meridianen en chakra’s is er een totale energiestroom,  deze staat in verbinding met een persoonlijk energieveld om je lichaam , de aura. Mensen, dieren, planten, maar ook gebouwen en onbezielde voorwerpen hebben zo’n persoonlijk energieveld. Via de aura staan we in contact met alles om ons heen. Het werkt als een soort filter, het laat selectief energieën binnen. De energieën die binnenkomen in onze aura worden vervolgens opgenomen door de chakra’s en verdeeld over ons lichaam door de meridianen.

Blockages in the Energy System

The human possesses a self-healing capacity, the natural ability of your body and mind to maintain your health. Blockages in the energy system can arise due to factors such as stress, unresolved emotions, pain, exhaustion, or severe imbalance. Negative energy becomes trapped in the body, forming a blockage. As a result, energy can no longer flow freely, and your body's self-healing capability does not function optimally. This can lead to a greater susceptibility to the development of disorders, illnesses, and unrest. Over time, this can manifest as physical, emotional, and psychological symptoms. Both the energies we connect with and the flow of our energy system are crucial for our well-being. By attracting positive energies and releasing negative ones, one can largely address these blockages themselves and stimulate the self-healing capacity of our bodies. However, there are also circumstances in which external assistance is required to alleviate these blockages. Any form of positive energy can contribute to letting go of negative energies, breaking through blockages, and restoring the natural energy flow. A meaningful conversation, emotional support, relaxation, as well as conventional and alternative healing methods can offer support in restoring the self-healing capacity.


For example, your self-healing capacity comes into play when you have a wound. That wound heals on its own. You can also think of the resilience of humans when unpleasant things happen.

Perceiving Energies

Everything is composed of energy, and humans have an energy system that transmits these energy waves to our senses. Many of these energy waves can be consciously perceived through our senses of smell, taste, touch, hearing, or sight. The extent to which someone can perceive energy waves depends, among other factors, on the capacity of their senses, which varies from person to person. From an early age, we develop our senses and, regardless of natural aptitude, we can enhance the perceptual capacity of our senses. By training our senses, anyone can learn to perceive multiple and different types of energy waves. For example, there are blind and visually impaired individuals who have learned to enhance their other senses and use echolocation, for instance. Senses can also be trained to receive relatively unfamiliar types of energies. This could include sensing danger, tension, energy fields (auras), or even developing a telepathic connection.

Conscious Experience of Energies

Every person is constantly in contact with countless different energies, but we are unable to consciously experience all of them. We filter the energies and choose which signals to pay attention to. Where our attention goes, these signals are magnified, making us more conscious of them and better able to recognize and interpret them. Focus is primarily on energies that most people experience similarly or can logically explain. Therefore, we are better able to consciously perceive such energies. In addition, there are many energies that we unconsciously perceive. These are experienced differently by everyone and are often more difficult to perceive and recognize. This is often referred to as intuition, a form of experiencing and knowing without rational reasoning. These energies are also perceived by our senses but are (still) not fully explainable. This is the case with conscious perceptions that lack a directly explainable source in practical (testable) reality. For example, a song playing in your head, an image that comes to mind, or a scent that comes to you without you being able to trace the source. We are surrounded by countless energy waves, each with its own characteristics. When we focus on a particular energy and are in tune with it, we draw similar energy waves into our energy field (aura). This makes it possible to perceive energies without an explainable source. By expanding your awareness, you can learn to attract and perceive more and different types of energies.


"Much like a radio tuned into a station, you can receive and perceive the energy waves of sound. The sound waves of the other channels are indeed present in the space, but since the radio is not tuned to them, we cannot perceive them."

Interpreting Energies

Consciously paying attention to "unexplainable" energies you're in contact with enables you to better understand their personal significance. Because everyone experiences these energies uniquely, it's not possible to describe or scientifically explain or prove these perceptions within fixed frameworks. Even though not all energies can be explained unambiguously, these unexplainable energies are an integral part of our daily life and influence us regularly. The manner in which we perceive, experience, and interpret these energies in their entirety is often referred to as intuition. By exploring and dissecting your perceptions and experiences, you become better at distinguishing different energies and their influence. Regularly paying attention to this can help you recognize patterns and discover the personal meaning of these energies. Consequently, you become better and quicker at consciously perceiving, interpreting, and responding to these energies. Individuals with strong intuition, high sensitivity, or "spiritual gifts" naturally possess an enhanced perceptual capacity, enabling them to consciously experience more or different energies. However, everyone has intuition or spiritual gifts regardless of natural aptitude. By being open and practicing, you gain a deeper understanding of how various energies affect you and how they influence your life. As a result, you become more capable of attracting positive energies and shielding yourself from negativity.


The combination of energies is often perceived as a whole, although they are comprised of different energies working together. Think of consciously perceiving the color green; it is made up of a part of blue and a part of yellow. The proportion of the energy waves of yellow and blue determines how you see and experience the color blue.

The Power of Positive Energy

Everyone can experience and generate the power of positive energy by aligning with it. Through focus, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and intentions, you can summon positive energy and deliberately emit it. The energy waves you emit, whether consciously or subconsciously, shape your reality. Thoughts and emotions emit energy waves, which can then bring ideas, people, opportunities, things, or situations into your life that align with them, seemingly by chance. This happens because energy attracts similar energy. This is commonly known as the law of attraction and synchronicity. Trusting and believing in yourself and what you want to achieve is the foundation for manifesting it. Therefore, it is important to direct your thoughts positively. The most powerful way to do this is through love and gratitude. Since gratitude is based on a positive feeling, it attracts more positivity. If you solely focus on the goal you want to achieve, the emphasis is often on what you don't yet possess or what is lacking. Positive thoughts are created by accepting yourself and life as it is right now and concentrating on the opportunities you receive. Where you focus and invest your energy will grow. Our thoughts have a significant impact on our feelings and energy field. It not only affects you but also has an influence on your surroundings. Therefore, a person's energy or mood, whether positive or negative, can determine the atmosphere when they enter a room. Thoughts can be controlled, and you can decide how much time you allocate to certain thoughts. Scientifically, it has been proven that positive thoughts increase (self)confidence. This is healthy for both the body and mind and promotes the realization of desires and goals. Reality is a personal experience for everyone and depends entirely on the lens through which you view it. Therefore, it is crucial to direct your thoughts positively. By positively approaching negative thoughts, you can change your thought pattern. Affirmations are a useful tool that can be applied daily to program your thoughts positively.


The Power of Positive Thoughts and Emotions and How They Actually Manifest Change is also evident in phenomena like the placebo effect. Extensive scientific research has revealed that a placebo can indeed induce physical changes. Moreover, Dr. Emoto's experiment demonstrates that water and rice respond differently to positive and negative thoughts, feelings, and words directed towards them. Since the human body consists of about 70% water, this research indirectly illustrates the influence of positive and negative energy on humans. It also indicates that positive energy can be harnessed not only for personal benefit but also to impact one's surroundings