3. Cutting Energy Cords

Through an energetic cord, we can transmit information (telepathically) as well as energy in the form of emotions and feelings. This often occurs largely unconsciously. If a one-sided or negative energy flow occurs unconsciously, it can lead to inexplicable intense emotions and physical reactions. You can recognize an energetic cord by becoming aware of who or what comes into your thoughts without specific reason and then analyzing whether this affects your feelings/energy. If you are negatively affected by an energetic cord, you can always break it. It is essential to distance yourself from obstructive individuals or situations, not necessarily physically but primarily energetically. By breaking this energy connection or cord, the energy flow is halted, allowing both individuals to regain their own energy and strength. This does not mean that you are breaking the actual connection or bond you have built with someone. You should never feel guilty about this and can lovingly break an energy cord at any time.

Mainly individuals with a lower or weaker energy field can become addicted to a connection where they can (unconsciously) drain energy. It often happens that someone unconsciously maintains a cord and taps into energy without malicious intentions. If an energy cord is broken in such a case, it can provide a liberating feeling for one party, while causing escalating emotions and intense reactions for the other. It is also common for both individuals to sustain an unhealthy exchange of energy. The cord is then maintained from a certain dependency, such as connections between a victim figure versus a savior figure or individuals with abandonment and commitment issues. Everyone is responsible for their own energy field and can influence it. You have the right to break unwanted energies or connections (even if you care about them) and protect your own energy field. No one has the right to impose energy on others or claim it from them!