2. Healthy ( equitable ) Energy Exchange


If your attention is directed towards something or someone, it essentially involves energy. When we connect with others, we exchange energy with our surroundings through our aura. The energy fields of people sometimes temporarily merge, for example, when collaborating intensively. Energy can carry both positive and negative charges. Positive energy flows make you feel better, while negative energy flows have the opposite effect. Claiming, rejecting, manipulation, pressure, and coercion are forms of negative attention that deplete more energy than they generate. Consequently, we often perceive them as tiring or unpleasant to deal with. On the other hand, support, affection, compliments, kindness, and understanding can recharge energy, and most people experience this as a pleasant positive feeling. Loving energy from our loved ones and surroundings is, in a sense, necessary for all of us to recharge our battery or energy field. However, it is not intended for one to become dependent on the energy flow of others. You may receive energy but should never claim or enforce it!

Even at a distance, energy exchange can take place, where one can both absorb and transmit energy. This often happens unconsciously with people with whom you have (had) a strong connection. Through an energetic cord, energy flows to each other, and both positive and negative energy can be exchanged. If an equal energy flow occurs, with a healthy balance between giving and receiving, the energy of all involved is strengthened. In an unequal or one-sided energy flow, there is often one person who benefits from the energy flow while the other is negatively affected. It may happen that individuals with a lower or weaker energy field negatively influence you and (unconsciously) drain your energy. If you are negatively influenced by an energetic cord and are aware of it, you can break it. It is important to distance yourself from obstructive people or situations, not necessarily physically but mainly energetically. By breaking this energy connection or cord, the energy flow is halted, allowing both individuals to regain their own energy and strength.


People who primarily give energy and receive little (or dare to receive little) shortchange themselves and weaken their own energy field. To live a healthy life, it is important to take care of your own energy field and engage in an equitable exchange of energy. Everyone is responsible for their own energy field and can exert influence on it themselves.



Tips and exercises to protect yourself against unhealthy forms of energy exchange.

  • Strengthening and Protecting Your Personal Energy Field // Protecting yourself against unhealthy forms of energy exchange begins with safeguarding and enhancing your own energy field. On the page about safeguarding your personal energy field, various methods are explained to increase your inner strength, allowing you to better shield yourself from external influences.

  • Posture // If you sense that someone is consciously or unconsciously draining your energy, adjust your posture. Sitting with your legs and arms in an open position makes it easier for your life energy to be depleted. Bring your legs together, cross your arms, and clench your fists. This way, your energy field around you contracts, becoming more compact, and you are both literally and figuratively more closed off. Posture is an important technique that many people naturally (unconsciously) apply to protect themselves from others' energies.

  • Sending Energy back to the Original Sender // It may happen that a challenging situation, emotion, pain, or mood from another person is (unconsciously) projected onto you. You then absorb this energy. The feeling often arises unexpectedly without a clear explanation. If you notice such a feeling overwhelming you, you can send it back to the original sender. By visualizing or stating the intention, "I send the energy back to the original sender," you release this energy. This way, the energy returns to the person who can and should deal with it. (Energy can be transferred by multiple individuals before being noticed, so it's crucial to always send it back to the original sender.)

  • Mirrors // Is the negative energy around you persistently strong? Try visualizing a mirror between you and the source/person emitting negativity. Arrange the mirrors so that the source/person sees themselves in the mirror. This reflects the negative vibrations they emit, and the person (unconsciously) confronts themselves with their own aura and energy. Additionally, this prevents the low vibrations from spreading or reaching you.

  • Visualization // Visualization (imagination) is a powerful technique for shaping intentions and can also be applied for protection. You can decide how you want to represent this protection visually. The following visualization exercises can offer protection against energy blending and negativity: Visualize the energy cord and mentally cut it, visualize a protective symbol purifying the energy between you and your connection, visualize yourself in a closed bubble of light where all negativity dissolves, visualize a whirlwind blowing away all negativity around you, visualize mirrors to (unconsciously) confront someone with their own energy.

  • Shaking off Energy // Focus on your connection with the earth (e.g., stomp your feet on the ground) and let the remaining negative energy around you flow away. Another helpful technique is to 'shake off' negativity like a dog shaking water off its fur. Visualize releasing all negativity, tensions, and adrenaline. After releasing all tensions, it's wise to protect your own energy field.

  • Investigate the Source of Negativity // From your power bubble, try to investigate the source of the negative energy you're experiencing. Locating and making the source of negative energy concrete automatically reduces its size and threat. Is it an object, a person, or a specific group negatively influencing you? Or is it a personal fear triggered by someone's aura, behavior, facial expression, or language? Once you recognize the source, you can consciously choose how to best handle it and better address the underlying cause.

  • Purifying Energy Exchange // Ensure that you are grounded and your breathing is balanced. Sit on a chair, visualize the person from whom you want to retrieve your energy and return theirs. Between yourself and the person, visualize a large burning fire, a purifying fire full of light. Behind yourself and the other person, visualize a very large magnet. Visualize retrieving your energy from the other person, assisted by the magnet behind you. Let your energy come back from the other person, passing through the fire for purification. This also applies to returning the other person's energy still present in you. Repeat this process until you feel that all energy has been exchanged between you and the other person.

  • Protection Symbol or Stone // A powerful tool against energy blending is visualizing a protection symbol or protective gemstone between you and the specific person. This symbol or stone can remain the same or vary. The strength of the symbol or stone is enhanced if you regularly bring it to mind and contemplate the protective properties you want to associate with it. You can also physically carry a protective symbol and/or stone with you, for example, in the form of jewelry.