Welcome to the enchanting world of crystals, where we will explore together the extraordinary power and meaning of these beautiful stones. Crystals have been admired for centuries for their beauty and the perceived healing properties they possess. We will delve into the various uses of crystals, including their role in healing, as talismans, jewelry, and decorative elements. Understanding the unique properties of different crystals and how they can contribute to well-being and harmony is always fascinating. You will learn more about the specific characteristics of various crystals so that you can choose crystals that align perfectly with your needs. For personalized guidance, I offer crystal readings and advice to help you select the right crystals. And for those interested, there are opportunities to acquire gemstones from my personal collection. So, step into the enchanting world of crystals today and let their magic and power enrich your own journey.

Gemstones and Crystals

As a child, I was already fascinated by the power of gemstones, partly because I could feel differences in the energies radiated by these gemstones. For my elementary school presentation, I first delved into gemstones and crystals. Over the years, I have gained more knowledge about their healing and energetic properties. Personally, I have experienced the effects of gemstones when decorating spaces, aiding health issues, and protecting against negative energies or entities. I now have a collection of gemstones and crystals that I use to allow people to experience the power of different gemstones themselves. I advise individuals on selecting the right gemstones for various purposes, such as enhancing personal strength, protection, or addressing specific health concerns. By holding different gemstones and testing physical strength simultaneously, even people who normally can't sense energies can consciously feel the difference with each gemstone. Additionally, I create orgonites that incorporate gemstones and other materials. The power of the gemstones is enhanced by the combination of materials, and depending on the gemstones used, each orgonite has its own specific effects. I cleanse the gemstones, use symbolism, and charge the orgonites and stones with Reiki energy. These "energy towers" filter negative energy and radiation, transforming it into positive energy. Upon request, I create custom orgonites tailored to the desired effects and the energy of the individual involved.

Crystal Collection

The properties of Gemstones and Crystals

Gemstones and crystals have always been a part of our planet, and they share the commonality of being composed of minerals. A crystal consists of one mineral, while gemstones are composed of one or more minerals. Many gemstones are crystals, but some fall under the category of rocks. There are approximately 4,000 to 5,000 types of gemstones and minerals, and new types are still being discovered. About 30 types occur worldwide. Since time immemorial, gemstones and crystals have been attributed with the most diverse properties. In ancient times, the Egyptians used them for predicting the future. The healing properties of crystals and gemstones have also been known to people for centuries. Since the 11th century, as many stones and their healing influence on the body and mind as possible have been documented. Each gemstone has its own specific effects on the body and mind. The effects are largely determined by the minerals and elements that make up the gemstones or crystals. Each mineral consists of a combination of elements. Each element is composed of a composition of energy waves, and as a result, emits specific energy. This energy largely affects the physical and mental strength and the functioning of the stone. Often, these energies correspond to the energy waves/frequencies of the human and animal body. Gemstones can amplify or stabilize these energy waves and can therefore be used as medical support for health issues.


Crystal Affirmations 

The Use of Gemstones and Crystals

For centuries, the healing and stimulating properties of gemstones have been known. In the past, these stones were worn as amulets or seals. Nowadays, many gemstones are incorporated into jewelry or offered as pocket stones or comfort stones. Carrying the stone with you allows it to work its magic. Often, a stone that is worn directly on the skin has the most significant effect. In addition to their healing properties, gemstones are often worn for protection against negative energies and entities. These stones are also frequently used for decorative purposes due to their visual appeal. They come in both their raw form and specially processed gemstones and crystals that have been carved into shapes or engravings or incorporated into decor. Gemstones are commonly placed in homes, offices, or spaces. Due to the unique effect of each stone, they can contribute to creating a specific atmosphere in a room. They are often used for Feng Shui decorating of a space. Soothing stones that reduce anxiety and promote restful sleep can be placed in the bedroom. In a workspace, stones that enhance creativity and concentration can be chosen. A good foundation for the living room is the golden triangle, consisting of amethyst, rose quartz, and clear quartz. While rose quartz brings softness, love, and friendship to the space, amethyst helps with relaxation and insight. Clear quartz is the stone of harmony and helps find balance. Moreover, gemstones can be used in healing, rituals, or as elixirs. Gemstones are used in treatments or to create gemstone-infused water as a healing method. Gemstone-infused water is water charged with the energy of gemstones, which transfers their properties. This water can be used for drinking or even bathing.


Selecting Gemstones

Gemstones and minerals should align with personal desires or issues. The best way to choose a gemstone that suits you is to rely on your feelings and intuition. Which gemstone feels good when you hold it? Which gemstone do you find the most beautiful or appealing to you? Which gemstone do you feel the strongest connection to? Which gemstones stand out to you, and which ones are you most attracted to? You can also choose a gemstone based on its color, chakras, the description of your concern or its properties, or even your zodiac sign. Combining the right gemstones can ensure that they enhance each other's effects. If stones with opposing effects are combined, they may reduce each other's impact or create imbalance. Gemstones from the same family or group, with similar structures or colors, and gemstones that are naturally found together often combine well. When you place different stones together, there is a good chance of harmony. If this is not the case, stones can be removed or added. Generally, it is recommended to wear a maximum of three gemstones at a time. For young children, wearing one gemstone is advised, as the effect can otherwise be too intense. When you hold a combination of stones together, you may immediately notice whether the combination works well or not. Since every person is unique, there are no strict rules regarding the use of gemstones. The most important thing is to follow your feelings and intuition. For the optimal effect of a gemstone, it is advisable to cleanse and recharge the stone before wearing it. Positive energy radiated by the stone must be regularly replenished (recharging the stone), and negative energy absorbed by the stone from its surroundings must be discharged (cleansing the stone). The frequency and method of cleansing and recharging the stone may vary depending on the type of gemstone and its use.


Orgonites are composed of a combination of resin, metal, and minerals. These objects filter negative energy and emit positive life energy. Orgonites are often used for electromagnetic radiation, such as signals from phones, Wi-Fi, or transmission towers. Additionally, they enhance positive energy in spaces and create a pleasant living environment at home. Orgonites have a harmonizing effect and positively influence the body and mind. In the early 20th century, Wilhelm Reich discovered the healing properties of orgone energy (life energy). During his research, he discovered a form of energy that transcended the laws of electricity and magnetism. He named this life energy "orgone," and it was found to have the ability to kill bacteria and viruses, as well as positively influence the body and mind. Reich developed various devices capable of generating life energy and neutralizing negative energies. Later, it was discovered that a combination of resin, metals, and minerals could achieve the same effect. By adding gemstones, negative energy is then converted into positive energy. This gave rise to orgonites. Orgonites can not only filter negative energies but also emit positive energy purposefully. The metals in the pyramids reflect the energy of the gemstones. The resin's expansion creates pressure and friction (the piezoelectric effect), enhancing the power of the gemstones. Additionally, extra elements or power symbols are regularly added to the orgonite to increase its effectiveness. Orgonites are cast in various shapes and consist of different layers, each with its own structure and function. Pyramids are commonly associated with orgonites, and they are believed to act as transformers that can attract, transform, and emit energy.