Discover Reiki, an ancient alternative healing practice that enhances your body's self-healing abilities. A Reiki treatment restores the natural energy flow within your body using universal life energy and offers support for physical, emotional, and mental issues. This opens the door to overall well-being and balance, and can be invaluable in releasing stress and blockages. Reiki thoroughly addresses the underlying causes and blockages, enabling healing from within. As a Reiki Master, I regularly provide energy treatments and am authorized to initiate individuals into Reiki, which can serve as a powerful tool for spiritual development and healing. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Reiki, where balance and well-being harmoniously converge.


What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient alternative healing practice based on the body's self-healing abilities. The term "Reiki" consists of two Japanese characters, 霊 rei ("spirit" or "soul") and 気 ki ("energy" or "life force"), and is often translated as "universal life energy."


How Does Reiki Work?

Humans possess a self-healing ability, which is the natural capacity of the body and mind to maintain health. Stress, unprocessed emotions, pain, exhaustion, or severe imbalance can lead to blockages in the energy system. Negative energies become trapped in the body, forming a blockage. As a result, energy can no longer flow freely, and the self-healing ability no longer functions optimally. This increases vulnerability to developing disorders, diseases, and unrest. Over time, this can lead to physical, emotional, and psychological issues. During a Reiki treatment, a transmission of universal energy occurs. This positive energy can help release negative energies, break through blockages, and reestablish the natural energy flow. Reiki works not only on symptoms but also treats the body and mind as a whole. This addresses the underlying causes of the problem and provides support for physical, emotional, and mental issues. It accelerates physical healing, minimizes pain, and boosts energy levels. Reiki is suitable for everyone, even those without specific complaints. It promotes peace and relaxation and increases awareness of the body and mind. Reiki is NOT a belief, religion, form of occultism, spiritism, hypnosis, summoning of spirits or demons, or a form of psychotechnique.

Reiki Treatment

Prior to the first treatment, a brief intake takes place where I explain what you can expect, and we discuss your questions and/or complaints. If desired, I may use tarot and crystals to gain insights from a different perspective regarding possible blockages. Everything discussed between me and my clients remains confidential. You do not need to believe in Reiki or understand it to undergo a Reiki treatment; you only need to be open to it. During a Reiki treatment, hands are placed sequentially above or on the body in various positions. The Reiki practitioner allows universal energy to flow through their hands and transmits the energy to the client. This positive energy naturally finds its way through the recipient's body and mind, helping to restore the natural energy flow of the human body. Using Reiki symbols, it is possible to direct energy and initiate processes. A standard Reiki treatment lasts from half an hour to three quarters of an hour. During the treatment, it is possible that you can actually feel the Reiki energy. Experiences vary from person to person. Some people feel tingling, shivers, or warmth, while others may feel nothing. However, this does not reflect the effectiveness of the treatment. Reiki almost always has a relaxing effect because it detoxifies and liberates the body and mind.

Who Is Reiki Suitable For?

Reiki is suitable for people and animals of all ages. Additionally, it can also be used to energetically cleanse spaces and objects, which can then be charged with positive energy. Reiki treatments stimulate the self-healing ability but do NOT replace a visit to the doctor or treatments from conventional medicine. Since a genuine Reiki treatment involves transmitting only positive energy, it cannot harm in principle. However, caution is advised in the following situations:

  • Pacemaker: Directly transmitting energy above a pacemaker can disrupt its rhythm.
  • Diabetes: If a Reiki treatment is effective, it can affect the insulin levels, which need to be monitored more closely.
  • Direct treatment of broken bones: It is important to ensure the bones are correctly positioned, as Reiki accelerates the healing process.
  • Direct treatment of deep wounds: Reiki accelerates the healing process, which is not favorable if the wound has not been disinfected or needs to be treated differently.
  • Transplants and donors: Reiki strengthens the natural immune system, which can have a counterproductive effect on the rejection process and related medication.
  • Severe complications during pregnancy: In cases where pregnancy complications are severe and pose a significant threat to the mother's life, a natural rejection process may occur in the mother's body. Reiki can accelerate this rejection process. 

Reiki - Spiritual Development

I have personally experienced how Reiki has contributed to my spiritual development. As a Reiki Master, I am authorized to initiate and train people according to the teachings of the Usui System of Natural Healing and Kundalini Reiki. In addition to transferring knowledge about healing methodologies, I provide personal guidance throughout the process. During and after the initiation, you can turn to me with questions and situations that block you. Trust in yourself and your own perceptions is central to spiritual development. Together, we work on creating a safe foundation where you feel secure and protected. From this foundation, you are better able to strengthen your power positively and overcome your fears. There are three different degrees in Reiki. The degree indicates the level of training and the strength of the energy you are allowed to receive. This energy can be used to treat yourself and others. Each time you receive an initiation, a purification process is set in motion. During this process, blockages come to the forefront, allowing you to release negative energies and make room for positive energy. Therefore, a certain time must elapse between each initiation, depending on your development.


Reiki I : In the first degree of Reiki, the student receives three attunements. The channel for energy transmission is activated, enabling the transfer of universal life energy. Different hand positions are taught in this first degree.

Reiki II: In the second degree, three symbols are activated, which expand the transmission channel and the range of Reiki energy. Remote Reiki application is also taught.

Reiki III - Master : In the third degree, the master symbols with their corresponding mantras are learned. The Reiki master is divided into two parts. In Part A, one is an aspiring master, where the Reiki energy and range are strengthened, but they are not yet authorized to perform initiations independently. In Part B, one receives the master symbols and is prepared to conduct initiations as a Reiki master. Successfully completing both Part 3A and 3B results in receiving the Reiki Master certificate according to the teachings of "The Usui System of Natural Healing."