Explore my tailor-made services for self-discovery, inner balance, and personal growth. My focus is not on profit but on sharing valuable experiences. With a modest fee intended to cover expenses and support my personal development, I aim to make my services more accessible to a diverse audience. Feel free to leave a request for a callback appointment, so we can discover together how I can make a difference in your personal growth and well-being.

Personal Consultation

During a personal consultation (lasting 1 to 1.5 hours), I welcome you to my practice space in Zoetermeer. There, I attune myself to the (assistance) question and the individual's energy. As a result, I can consciously perceive energies with which he/she is in contact. If desired, I utilize tools such as tarot cards or crystals to gain additional insights from a different perspective. My holistic approach focuses on both the body and mind, emphasizing the underlying cause of issues and inquiries. These insights can assist in breaking through barriers, releasing negative energies, and promoting a positive flow of energy.



Personal Tarot Reading (Tarot, Oracle Cards, Astrology)

Enrich your life with a Tarot Reading and discover hidden insights for personal growth. Explore where you stand in the adventure called life, the challenges crossing your path, and how to harness your inner strength. We discuss ways to foster personal growth, find balance, recognize opportunities in the near future, and address current challenges.

During the tarot reading, I employ my intuition guided by elements such as color psychology, numerology, astrology, symbolism, design, card positions, and combinations. You can contribute your own observations and questions, deepening the interaction for a more comprehensive understanding and specific advice. Following the reading, I summarize the key points and offer suggestions for next steps.

Tarot is a moment of reflection, self-discovery, and insight; open your heart and mind to the wonders that tarot has to offer! Click here for more information!



Enrich your life with a Tarot Reading, uncover insights for personal growth, and navigate through life's challenges. Through intuition and various elements, I provide an interactive experience where your questions take center stage. Let the tarot cards speak and open your heart to the wonders of self-discovery.

Reiki Energy Healing

Experience the transformative power of Reiki! Our ancient alternative healing method focuses on restoring balance between the body and mind. During the treatment, hands are placed in various positions above the body, facilitating the transfer of universal energy to the client. This positive energy naturally flows through the recipient's body and mind, restoring the natural energy flow and contributing to breaking through blockages, releasing negative energies, and initiating a positive energy flow.

Reiki enhances self-awareness and the body's self-healing ability, accelerates physical healing, minimizes pain, and increases energy levels. Discover the benefits of Reiki treatments for your well-being. Click here for more information!

Experience the healing power of Reiki, restore balance between body and mind, break through blockages, promote self-healing ability, and elevate your energy levels. Discover the benefits of Reiki for your well-being.

Crystal Reading (including Crystal Energy Session)

During a Crystal Reading, we begin with a personal reading based on crystals of your choice. Together, we delve deeper into the individual properties of gemstones, discovering which crystals resonate with you the most at this moment and why. My personal guidance during our session assists you in selecting the right gemstones that perfectly align with your needs. Whether you aim to enhance personal strength, seek protection, or address specific health concerns, I am here to guide you.

Even if you typically cannot sense energies, you will consciously experience the difference with each crystal by holding them and simultaneously testing your physical strength. We utilize crystals from my personal collection with potent energies, granting you direct access to the unique powers of these minerals.

As a complement, you will receive a brief energy treatment based on these insights, known as 'crystal reiki.' Curious about the healing power of crystals? Click here for more information!

Discover the magic of crystals with a personalized Crystal Reading. Together, we explore the unique properties of your chosen crystals, select stones that resonate perfectly with you, and conclude with a crystal energy treatment.

Spiritual Coaching / Guidance for Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP)

I support individuals in consciously experiencing, interpreting, and trusting their own perceptions and energy to gain new insights. The focus is on learning to recognize, attract, and apply positive energy while closing off to negative energies. Individuals with high sensitivity (HSP) or strong intuition often encounter perceptions or energies in daily life that they cannot explain. Society may not always be receptive to these experiences, leading to unnecessary fears or blockages.

I guide individuals in discovering and developing their inner strength, enabling them to better cope with energies and unexplained experiences. I approach spirituality from various perspectives, including emotions, perceptions, intuition, personal experiences, science, psychology, and philosophy. I incorporate diverse insights, theories, exercises, and methodologies that have aided me in my personal development. Click here for more information.

Discover the power of energy: learn to recognize, apply positive energy, and shield yourself from negative energy. Together, we work on removing both physical and mental blockages. You'll develop skills to navigate strong intuition or high sensitivity (HSP) more effectively, while I guide you in strengthening your inner power.

Bijeenkomsten & Cursussen

Betreed de betoverende wereld van spirituele groei met onze inspirerende bijeenkomsten, boeiende workshops en diepgaande cursussen. Laat je leiden door de magie van groei en vernieuwing op jouw unieke spirituele reis, waar we niet alleen streven naar verdieping, maar ook inzichten en persoonlijke ontwikkeling omarmen.



Full Moon Gathering

The moon embodies the deeply rooted feminine "Yin" energy, a force connected to emotions, feelings, and our subconscious. The full moon, as the peak of the lunar cycle, radiates an exceptionally powerful energy that we can consciously harness. In the evening program, our focus is on releasing inhibiting energies to make room for new, positive energy, also known as "manifestation."

Throughout the evening, participants have the freedom to draw oracle cards, and we collectively share interpretations. The program also includes an explanation of the energy and influence of the full moon, as well as the current moon sign, emphasizing how these aspects impact our emotional well-being and subconscious. Participants receive tips for active manifestation in alignment with the full moon energy. They independently formulate intentions supported by insights gained.

The evening culminates in a collective manifestation ritual, where personal intentions are powerfully anchored. Participants leave the gathering with renewed energy, ready for positive changes.

Step into the inspiring ambiance of the full moon and let its power guide you toward positive changes. Discover, manifest, and anchor your intentions during our collective informal evening. (Maximum 8 participants, 2 to 2.5 hours) Let the enchanting energy of the moon lead you towards positive transformation and increased well-being. Join us and experience the magic of growth and renewal.

Tarot Course for Beginners + Certificate 

Discover the Magic of Tarot with our engaging course! This course offers an in-depth exploration of tarot, from basic principles to advanced interpretation techniques. For beginners, it is a hands-on journey where you gradually learn the meanings of tarot cards in various spreads. The course progresses in difficulty, allowing you to develop skills to interpret tarot cards in-depth.

You will learn to understand the structure of an effective tarot spread and interpret cards professionally. Step by step, you will decipher tarot cards based on their position in a spread, recognizing connections between cards and developing a holistic approach.

In this beginner's course, there is room to work with intuition and spiritual guides during tarot readings. This goes beyond knowing card meanings; you will learn to apply the right interpretation in a spread. This course includes 4 Practice Days with fellow participants (max. 5), where you practice and receive feedback—an integral part of the course. By actively reading tarot cards, you refine your skills and become a confident tarot reader. Make your tarot journey a fantastic discovery!

Discover the magic of tarot and transform yourself into a confident tarot reader with our engaging course. It's a journey where beginners gradually unveil the meanings of tarot cards, develop in-depth interpretation skills, and experience four interactive sessions of approximately 2 to 2.5 hours each, filled with practical hands-on learning.