On this page, we invite you to explore the realm of tarot and oracle cards. Here, you'll discover what to expect during a personal card reading, learn to read cards yourself, and receive guidance to become proficient in the use of tarot and oracle cards. Soon, I will also offer courses to further develop your knowledge and skills in this field. Tarot, an ancient masterpiece filled with mysterious revelations and symbolic beauty, unlocks the door to self-awareness and personal discovery. Welcome to this captivating journey, where we explore new insights from a different perspective.

Personal Tarot Reading

During a personal tarot reading, I tune into the energy of the individual in question and discuss the topic about which they seek additional insight. I can partly consciously perceive the energies with which this person is connected. I can often personally experience or sense underlying emotions and feelings. However, this does not mean that I can read thoughts or that I am aware of all the details. Based on intuition, I then select the tarot and oracle cards and determine the card layout. Each card represents an insight and is always interconnected. When interpreting the cards, I rely on my intuition and draw inspiration from aspects such as colors (color psychology), numbers (numerology), zodiac signs & planets (astrology), symbolism, design, card positions, and card combinations. During a personal reading, there is room for you to contribute your own observations, thoughts, or questions that it evokes. This interaction adds depth, allowing for a more comprehensive understanding and a more specific articulation of the personal message. A tarot reading is intended to inspire you to gain new insights from a different perspective.

What Are Tarot and Oracle Cards?

Tarot and oracle cards have been developed as tools to visualize energy fields so that they can be more easily interpreted. Everything is fundamentally made up of energy waves, including thoughts, feelings, and objects, including tarot and oracle cards. The structure, design, and symbolism of the cards, as well as the original intentions and associations regarding their meanings, imbue each card with different types of energies. The collective energies form a unique energy field for each card. The intentions with which a card is created and the meaning initially assigned to it are often described and can be consulted or learned. This constitutes the overall basic meaning of the card. The tarot deck likely originated around the 15th century and has been used for centuries. A tarot deck always has a fixed structure and consists of 78 cards. The 22 'major arcana cards' represent major life events, and the 56 'minor arcana cards' pertain to everyday life. Oracle cards, on the other hand, lack a fixed structure and often have a more specific meaning or interpretation per card. The meanings of tarot cards are more global and open to interpretation, depending on the question, leaving more room for interpretation.


Like tarot cards, each image consists of different types of energies represented visually. The moment you view the image, what you actually see, the general information known about it, and your personal associations all influence how you experience the image as a whole. Based on these observations, you can interpret the whole and arrive at a personal meaning. Similar to tarot, the personal insight that the image offers varies from person to person, and the meaning of the image can change depending on when you view it.

Tarot Cards XVII - The Star

How Does Card Reading Work?

During a tarot reading, the cards are always laid out with a particular intention or focus. The basic intention is to gain a specific insight using the cards. Additionally, you focus on the situation, person, or the answer to your question for which you seek insight. From intentions, we can draw specific energies we focus on into our personal energy field. By focusing on the insight you wish to gain, you draw this energy into your own energy field, strengthening the energy you are in contact with. This enables you to perceive this energy more consciously, making it easier for you to interpret. Every energy vibration acts like a magnet, attracting similar energies. This is also known as the law of attraction and synchronicity. The law of attraction and synchronicity is based on the principle that energy always follows the path of least resistance. This is why it attracts similar energies that vibrate at the same frequency and are largely compatible. Your thoughts emit energy waves. The card whose energy field most closely matches the energy you are focusing on will appear in the card spread. This card visually represents the energy. The basic meaning of the card serves as a starting point. The spontaneous emotions, feelings, and thoughts that the cards initially evoke give a deeper personal meaning to the cards. As a mirror of your subconscious, the cards stimulate your intuitive ability to gain new insights from a different perspective. The cards are intended as tools to gain a better understanding of what you unconsciously feel and/or know.


Oracle Cards

Trying Card Readings Yourself

Many people who start with card readings feel uncertain and wonder if they are doing it correctly. This fear is unnecessary. If you have a method that feels right for you, it's the right one. The most important thing is to focus on the intention (purpose/question) for which you lay the cards during card readings. There are various well-known card layouts, but you can also create your own as long as the intention for each card is clear. The art of card reading is to connect the meaning of a card through keywords with other cards to form a story. Some people memorize keywords and meanings, while others follow their intuition. What do you think when you see the card in front of you? How do you feel about that card? What comes to mind when you look at that card? I recommend starting with the original meaning of the card as a basis, then observing the card and following your intuition for interpretation. The more you practice with the cards, the clearer the personal meanings of the cards will become for you. For example, by drawing a card every day, you can easily become familiar with the cards. You can also begin to recognize patterns. To what extent does the card match your experiences and feelings that day?


Card reading works best when you are relaxed and in a quiet environment. If you are tired, desperate, or agitated, it's best to meditate briefly to clear your mind before beginning. Many novice card readers start with oracle cards because these cards often have a more specific meaning, making them easier to interpret. The original tarot is more comprehensive and can be interpreted more broadly, offering a more complete and extensive response. In tarot, many elements are incorporated that add extra meaning to the cards, including colors, numbers, zodiac signs, planets, symbolism, design, card positions, and card combinations. Most tarot decks are based on the images and symbolism of the well-known Rider-Waite tarot. You can discover which deck suits you best by working with it for a while. You will naturally feel which tarot deck resonates with you. Personally, I find that working with a tangible oracle or tarot deck yields better results with more focused insights than digital platforms. However, digital platforms are a good way to get introduced to and practice tarot and card readings, allowing you to discover which decks and methodologies best align with you.