6. Choosing or Creating a Protection Ritual


"A ritual is a series of fixed actions performed in a specific order to emphasize the symbolic meaning. I recommend creating a ritual or routine for the protection and cleansing of your personal energy field. Apply this daily, preferably in the morning and before bedtime, allowing you to start your day feeling refreshed and protected while releasing any negativity before sleep. Through daily practice, it becomes automatic to shield yourself and discharge negativity, preventing unnecessary exposure to negative energies before you actually feel their impact. When creating your ritual, ensure a balance between purifying and protective actions/methods. The purifying/cleansing part focuses on releasing old emotions and energies that no longer serve your highest good. Meanwhile, the protective aspect aims to strengthen your own power and close off from negative energies and unequal energy exchanges.

Keep the ritual simple and manageable, ensuring it remains feasible for daily execution, even on days when you're not feeling your best. You may choose to add optional actions/methods for days when you feel the need. By protecting and purifying your energy daily, it becomes easier to distinguish your own energy from external influences. This awareness allows you to consciously notice when something breaches this protection, enabling you to act more quickly and effectively.

In addition to a daily personal ritual, I recommend periodically performing a ritual to cleanse your living environment. Past energies can linger in a house or room. By energetically cleansing the space, you remove negative energies, creating space for new, positive, and light energy. Subsequently, you can charge the space with positive energy, fostering a positive living environment for yourself.

It's possible for your thoughts or needs to strongly connect with your protective ritual/method/object when surrounded by negativity. Personally, I use a protection mantra, and when it comes to mind unexpectedly, I become extra alert to negativity in my environment (and aware of it), allowing me to enhance my protection at that moment."



Assembling/Creating a Ritual:

On the pages 'Protecting Your Personal Energy Field,' 'Purifying Energy Fields and Spaces,' and 'Creating a Positive Living Environment,' you will find various tips, exercises, actions, and methods that you can use to compose your personal ritual. If the mentioned exercises/routines don't entirely align with your preferences, feel uncomfortable, or lack certain elements, feel free to shape your own ritual. You can combine specific methods, devise a symbolic action, and/or add elements with personal or symbolic significance. Intentions are central and form the basis of the ritual; the actions and elements enhance these intentions. The most crucial aspect is that the ritual feels good and safe; always follow your own feelings and intuition! Below is an example of a daily ritual for protection and purification of your energy. The ritual consists of four exercises, encompassing grounding, protective, purifying, and positively reinforcing practices. You can choose an exercise from each category that resonates best with you. Beneath the schedule, you will also find a link to download this ritual, including descriptions of the exercises in one overview."



Dagelijks Ritueel Type ritueel Oefening ( optie 1) Oefening ( optie 2)
Mornign Grounding Grounding: the Tree Grounding: Balance Exercise
Morning Protective Protective Power Bubble / Dome Source of Light
Evening Cleansing Purifying Shower Exercise Purifying Visualization Exercise
Evening Manifesting Graditude Positive Affirmations