Energetic Protection / Secure Foundation

Creating a secure foundation begins with awareness of your own energy and the energies around you. These energies can carry both positive charges (light and high vibrational frequency) and negative charges (heavy and low vibrational frequency). Everything and everyone consist of energy and emit energy. Even seemingly empty spaces are filled with various energies. The overall energy of a person or space is influenced by thoughts, emotions, events, intentions, actions, people, music, atmosphere, connections, spoken words, gratitude, love, curses, and blessings.


Through a personal energy field surrounding our bodies, we partially consciously and partially unconsciously perceive energies in our environment. Our personal energy field (the aura) acts like a sponge, absorbing some of the energies surrounding us. It is not uncommon for people to feel uncomfortable or tired in or around certain (groups of) people, objects, or locations without apparent cause. They unknowingly absorb lower and heavier energies from their surroundings, negatively affecting their own energy field.


Being aware of energies and their impact on your vibe and energy field allows you to exert influence. Protecting your personal energy field (aura) and maintaining a healthy balance in energy exchange are central to creating a secure foundation. Additionally, distancing yourself from obstructive individuals or situations, not necessarily physically but primarily energetically, is crucial. Persons with lower or weaker energy fields may negatively influence and (unconsciously) drain your energy. Breaking an energy cord stops the energy flow, empowering both individuals to stand in their own energy and strength.


Apart from personal connections, our living environment directly influences our energy. Every space absorbs energy, which can be positive or negative, making it feel dark and heavy. Energetically cleansing a space removes such energies, creating room for new, positive energy. After eliminating negativity, it is advisable to recharge spaces with positive energy, creating a positive living environment. The following pages elaborate on the above and describe various methodologies that you can use as a starting point. These methods serve as inspiration, and you are free to personalize them. Follow your intuition and creativity in choosing or developing a method/ritual that makes you feel comfortable and safe. Your focus and intentions are central and largely determine the outcome.


Key aspects (and exercises) to create a secure foundation and protect yourself from negative energies:

Informative websites about energetic protection: