4. Purification and Cleansing of Energy Fields, Spaces, and Living Environments


In addition to the connections we form, our living environment has a direct impact on our energy. Even spaces that may appear empty are, in fact, filled with various energies. Energies from the past can linger in your personal energy field (aura) as well as in a house or space. These energies can be either positive, feeling light, or negative, resulting in a dark and heavy sensation. By energetically cleansing your own energy field (aura) and your living environment, you remove negative energies and make room for new, pleasant, and light energy.


There isn't a single right way to energetically cleanse yourself, your home, or a space. Choose a method that resonates with you and feels right. When you decide to perform a cleansing or purification, ensure there is calm within yourself and around you. Any form of protective magic and rituals is most potent when performed with the right intentions and focus! To strengthen your intentions during cleansing, you can meditate or visualize beforehand, imagining your aura or the space being cleansed by white light. Fully focus on your intentions to purify all negativity. If desired, reinforce these intentions in the form of a mantra. Some affirmations you can use as mantras during a cleansing ritual include: "I release all negative energies from the past; they may now leave my energy field/this house." "I cleanse my energy field/house of all negative energies, letting all dark energies flow away so that light energies can flow in again."


When cleansing a house, work from top to bottom, and don't forget the corners of the rooms, as negative energies tend to accumulate there the most. Keep your windows and doors open during the cleansing process so that all negative energies can easily find their way out. Work towards an open window or door.


!! Important !! Fear is one of the greatest sources of negative energies and/or entities. It is crucial that during a purification (exorcism), you trust in your own strength and feel safe and protected. Protect and strengthen your energy field so that negative energies cannot take hold of you during this process. In principle, every person is stronger than negative energies, as long as they do not feed them with fear. If you are very scared or not fully in your own power before or during a purification, do not attempt it independently. In this case, seek help from someone you trust who can perform the purification without fear and with the right intentions for you.


Tips and exercises for purifying and cleansing energy fields and spaces


  • Visualization // Visualization (imagination) is a powerful technique for setting intentions and can also be used for purification purposes. You can apply the visualization exercise below or create your own visualization that vividly depicts the purification process. Visualize a beam of white light connecting from the universe to your crown; through this light, you are infused with positive energy. Then, visualize that your soles or your coccyx (first chakra) are connected to the Earth through a red cord or roots. Through this connection, all negative energies and tensions flow out of your body into the Earth.

  • Showering "drain" // When taking a shower or bath, you not only cleanse your body but also your aura. Letting the water flow over you partially cleanses your aura. Imagine letting go of all negativity, tensions, and problems as they flow down the drain. By visualizing this while the water cleanses you, you reinforce these intentions. To enhance the purification process, you can wash yourself with salt, a herbal mix, or essential oils with cleansing properties.

  • Purifying affirmations and meditations // Affirmations with a purifying context can help cleanse your aura. Speak affirmations aloud or silently. You can create your own affirmation or use sample affirmations. (I am completely relaxed, my body is healthy, my mind is calm, Only positive energy is part of my energy field, I am entirely made of light, and all dark negative energies dissolve completely here.) Various guided meditations focused on purifying your energy field and/or chakras are also available; you can read more about them on the meditation page.

  • Clear the "earthly dirt" // Start with a thorough cleaning: dusting, polishing, tidying up, and decluttering. Accumulated clutter, overflowing cabinets, and a lack of order create unrest. Cleaning and decluttering bring order to chaos, provide clarity, and have a healing effect. Research even indicates a connection between clutter and poor sleep quality. Therefore, the first step for a fresh start and positive energy is to ensure a tidy and clean home.

  • Ventilate, rinse, and wipe // Ventilating, rinsing, and wiping spaces and objects can be used to remove negative energies from the environment if done with this intention. You can add herbs to your cleaning solution to strengthen this cleansing method. Ventilating spaces is also a suitable method for attracting fresh energy into your home.

  • Cleaning with crystals & orgonites // Crystals, gemstones, and orgonites are powerful resources for energetically cleaning your home. Ensure the crystal is properly cleansed so that it can absorb negative energies. Then, imbue the crystal or orgonite with the intention to purify negative energy. Take the stone in your hands and communicate its purpose. Many different crystals and gemstones are suitable for energetic cleansing. Tiger's eye, labradorite, black tourmaline, and obsidian are strong protective gemstones that work well as a powerful cleaner, especially when combined with clear quartz. Orgonites are known for their purifying effects, filtering negative energy and emitting positive life force energy. Orgonites are also commonly used to counteract electromagnetic radiation from phones, Wi-Fi, or transmission towers.

  • Cleaning with salt or herbal mix // Salt is known for its absorbing properties. Let the salt work for you by absorbing all the negative energy in the room. The easiest way to do this is by placing a bowl of Himalayan salt or natural sea salt in all corners of the room. Dispose of the salt after a maximum of 24 hours, as it loses its purity over time. You can also mix sea salt or Himalayan salt with herbs and possibly gemstones to create a potent purifying salt. Meditate on purification while mixing the salt. Use it by sprinkling it on doorsteps, entrances, windows, mirrors, toilets, drain openings, etc. To create a purifying herbal powder, gather cleansing and purifying herbs, mix and grind them into a powder. If the herbal combination allows, you can use the herbal mix during bathing, in your dishes, or incorporate it into your tea.

  • Cleaning with incense, sage, or palo santo // Using incense, sage, or holy wood (palo santo) can expel negative energy around individuals (energy fields) and living spaces. The term "smudging" has become ingrained in the spiritual and witchcraft communities, referring to the act of producing smoke with healing and/or purifying properties. You can perform smudging with a ready-made stick made of sage leaves, or choose to burn loose sage leaves, holy wood, or incense. There are various types of incense with purifying properties, including incense containing white sage or purification wood. Walk through the house as described earlier with the incense, sage, or holy wood. You can use an abalone shell, smudge feather, or a fire-resistant bowl for this purpose.

  • Cleaning with sound and vibration // Clap your hands hard in each corner of every room with the intention of driving out negative energy. You can also do this using a singing bowl or another instrument. Producing sound and/or chanting (uncontrolled shouting and making noise) is cleansing; there is even an old Yule tradition associated with making as much noise as possible to ward off unwanted spirits. This is also the origin of setting off fireworks on the night between old and new. Sounds in the form of mantras are calming and can also be used for purification. There are various protective mantras that you can play to cleanse your personal energy field and spaces. Narasimha is a protective mantra, and the Gayatri Mantra has a purifying effect.

  • Cleaning with symbols // Many types of symbols can be used as amulets or talismans for protection. Choose a symbol that gives you strength and a sense of protection. Protective symbols include the pentagram, ankh, tetragrammaton, eye of Horus, all-seeing eye, hand of Fatima, and the rune algiz. A piece of jewelry or an object incorporating (protective) symbolism can be used as a talisman. For personal protection, wear it under your clothing, preferably near your heart. A talisman can also be placed in a space to purify it. If you don't have a talisman, you can draw protective symbols on a piece of paper or incorporate them into a creative object. Place these at the entrances and exits of your house or hang them in the respective space to let them work.

  • Cleaning with a sigil // A sigil is a small drawing full of meaning, used as a magical tool to achieve certain goals or fulfill deep desires. It is a visual representation representing a specific god, angel, person, or entity, or it may involve a magical signature embodying a personal intention and/or wish. Creating your own protective sigil has the advantage of being fully aligned with your needs and energy. You can incorporate a sigil into a talisman and place it in a space, or draw it symbolically. Trace the sigil with your finger on all doors, windows, and walls so that it can do its work. For self-protection, you can also draw a symbol or sigil on your skin. Be cautious, as some seals can feel very potent. If you don't feel well after placing the seal, rinse the area with flowing water or place it on the earth to allow the seal to dissipate.

  • Aura sprays & Florida water // Aura sprays and Florida water are eau de cologne sprays made from various herbs. These sprays are primarily used for purification in Southern magical traditions. You can use these sprays to cleanse yourself and your surroundings. Wash yourself with them, apply them to your furniture, scrub the floor with them, add a splash to your cleaning water, sprinkle them over the filter bag of your vacuum cleaner, apply them to your dusting cloth, etc.

  • Earth rays & dowsing // Earth rays are a collective term for various types of negative energy paths caused in part by water flows in the earth. Where these currents intersect, a lot of energy can be generated. This energy is often perceived as negative at the surface. In places where earth rays are very strong, a copper eight (infinity symbol) can be placed to break this radiation. Earth rays can be detected using tools such as a dowsing rod.