The meaning of colors in general

Every color has its own symbolic meaning and unique characteristics. Did you know that you are unconsciously influenced by the colors around you? Many people have a personal preference for certain colors, but your mood, living environment, appearance, productivity, and even your health can be influenced by colors.

Kleur Algemene betekenis
White Purity, insight, clarity, innocence, calm, goodness, virginity.
Pink Love, friendship, affection, caring, unconditional, sensitive, nurturing.
Red Passion, courage, action, determination, seduction, active, energetic, leadership, ambitious.
Orange Creativity, spontaneity, joy, social, warmth, optimism, enthusiasm, fascination, determination, attraction.
Yellow Joy, happiness, intellect, self-confidence, cheerful, innovative, agile, mentally strong.
Green Growth, harmony, health, nature, healing, balance, stability, abundance, safety, freshness, fertility.
Turquoise Luck, expressiveness, diplomacy, adventurous, individualistic.
Blue Healing, protection, reliability, calm, self-expression, communication, business, loyalty, wisdom, intelligence, faith, truth.
Purple/Violet Loyalty, strength, spirituality, higher self, self-reflection, power, inspiration, depth, fantasy, worthiness, mystery.
Gold Trust, strength of body and mind, prosperity, promotion, success, fortune, appreciation, recognition.
Black Strength, independence, contrast, aloofness, elegance, formality, dignified seriousness, drama.
Grey Neutral, unspoken, contemplative, refined.
Brown Reliable, basic, familiar, safe, neutrality, stability, natural, everyday, solid, conservative.

The colors for each chakra

Chakra Kleur Kenmerken
Root chakra Red I am, certainty, grounding, survival instinct.
Sacral chakra Orange I feel, sexuality, intimacy, emotions.
Solar Plexus chakra Yellow I do, energy, vitality, desire/strength, self-confidence.
Heart chakra Green I love, love, hope, compassion.
Throat chakra Light blue I speak, communication, self-expression, healing.
Third Eye chakra Indigo (dark blue) I see, intuition, insights, spirituality.
Crown chakra Violet I know, understanding, enlightenment, insight, spirituality.

The functioning of color

Colors and their magical powers