Numerology means 'knowledge of numbers.' Numerology explores the symbolic meaning of numbers and broader interpretations of numerical symbolism. Numerologists believe that each number possesses its own characteristics and qualities. Numerology recognizes nine base numbers, each with its own significance. All numbers and letters are reduced to a single digit, except for Master Numbers. The numbers 11, 22, and 33 are referred to as Master Numbers, each holding a special meaning related to spiritual awareness and spirituality. The theoretical foundation of numerology is historically based on Pythagoras' idea that all things can be expressed numerically, as they ultimately boil down to numbers. Numerology assumes that numbers in life are not random but integral to one's life path. It provides an opportunity to gain better insight into oneself and life lessons by calculating and interpreting factors such as your life number (based on your birthdate) or soul number (based on your name).Vrij vertaald betekent numerologie 'kennis der getallen'. Numerologie houdt zich bezig met de symbolische betekenis van getallen en bredere interpretaties van getallensymboliek. Numerologen geloven dat elk getal eigen kenmerken en eigenschappen heeft. Numerologie kent negen basisgetallen met een eigen betekenis.  Alle getallen en letters worden teruggebracht tot één enkel cijfer met uitzondering van de Meestergetallen. De getallen 11, 22 en 33 noemen we de meestergetallen,  deze hebben een bijzondere betekenis met betrekking tot geestelijk bewustzijn en spiritualiteit.   De theorie achter numerologie is historisch gebaseerd op het idee van Pythagoras dat alle dingen numeriek kunnen worden uitgedrukt, omdat ze uiteindelijk terug te brengen zijn tot getallen.  Numerologie gaat ervanuit dat de getallen in het leven niet toevallig zijn maar een onderdeel vormen van de levensloop.  Numerologie stelt je in de gelegenheid om een beter inzicht te krijgen in jezelf en in levenslessen door bijvoorbeeld  je levensgetal ( o.b.v.  geboortedatum) of zielsgetal (o.b.v.  naam) te berekenen en te duiden. 


De betekenis v/d getallen

1 Individuality, the pioneer, leadership, strength, independence, impulsiveness, drive, new beginnings, innovation.
2 Balance, collaboration, diplomacy, patience, tact, equilibrium, duality, compromise.
3 Optimism, social, charming, humor, expressiveness, activities, communication, creativity, artistic
4 Practicality, patience, hard work, steadfastness, structure, detail, discipline, logic, reason, intelligence.
5 Adventure, exploration, travel, freedom, change, challenge, constructiveness, adaptability.
6 Harmony, beauty, love, responsibility, service, loyalty, community, relationships, balance, protective, nurturing
7 Philosophy, spirituality, knowledge, magic, inventor, analytical, inner wisdom, study, perfection, understanding, wisdom
8 Willpower, ambition, enterprise, authority, materialism, performance, justice, strength, give and take.
9 Compassionate, idealistic, clarity, generosity, human understanding, perfection, completion, fulfillment
11 Spirituality, sensitivity, intuition, higher consciousness, revelation, inspiration, inner strength.
22 Architect, perseverance, self-confidence, idealism, interest in humanity, realization of ideals
33 Spiritual, master teacher, healer, development, awareness, strength (dedication to others)

*The meaning of numbers is fundamentally neutral. Depending on the specific situation or individual and its associated vibrational level, the meaning can be translated as both positive and negative.

Angel Numbers

If you regularly encounter the same digits or double numbers, it could carry a personal message. Do you often come across the same number sequence? Do you consistently glance at the clock at the same time or wake up at a particular hour? Our subconscious and/or the energies around us may communicate with us through the power of synchronicity (the force of repetition). Through this repetition, we become more aware of seemingly coincidental occurrences and are more inclined to uncover their meaning. Signs and messages conveyed through numbers are also referred to as angel numbers. Numerology forms the basis for interpreting the meanings of digits and number sequences, but the messages are constructed in a somewhat more intricate manner. You can find further explanations of common angel numbers on the synchronicity page.


Reducing Numbers and Words to a Single Number (or Master Number)

To arrive at a single number, add together all the digits present in the number, date, word, or name. Repeat this process until a single digit or master number remains. Master numbers have their own meanings and are not further reduced. Below are some examples of various calculations.


Example calculations with numbers

99  = 9+9 = 18 = 1+8 = 9

991= 9+9+1 = 19=   1+9 = 10= 1+0= 1

996= 9+9+4= 22 ( Masternumber )

Example calculations with dates:

18-09-2019 = 1+8+0+9+2+0+1+9 = 30 = 3

03-11-2020 = 0+3+11+2+0+2+0= 18 = 1+8 = 9

19-08-2099 = 1+9+0+8+2+0+4+9= 33 ( Masternumber)

Converting letters to numbers

Initially, the corresponding number is established for each letter (see the table below). These are divided into the 9 base numbers and 2 master numbers, namely 11 and 22. Subsequently, the numbers can be added together to arrive at the value of a word or name.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 22
A B C D E F G H I - -
J - L M N O P Q R K -
S T U - W X Y Z - - V

5  3  4  5  9  6  3  6  7 9 5 


B E W U S T Z I  J N

2  5  5  3  1  2 8 9 1 5

Example calculations with words/names :

N   U  M  E  R  O   L   O  G   I  E

5+3+4+5+9+6+3+6+7+9+5= 62 = 6+2= 8


 J A N                   V A N                  K O L

1+1+5=7      22+1+5= 27       11+6+5=22

7 + (2+ 7) +  22  = 38 = 3+8= 11 ( Masternumber)


Birth Number, Name Number, Personality Number, etc

Below you will find various numerology calculations, the method by which they are calculated, and the insight they represent. Under each insight, there is a link to a numerology calculator that instantly computes the result and provides the corresponding meaning. The calculations below offer a general understanding. If you seek a clear and comprehensive insight, it is advisable to delve deeper into numerology or consult a numerologist.


Birth Number (birth date)

Your birth number provides insight into your current life. This number has various names; some refer to it as a destiny number, while others use terms like life number or life path number.

Name Number (full name)

your name provides insight into the possibilities you have to fulfill your mission in this life. The name number reveals the opportunities you have to achieve the purpose of your life.

Personality Number (birth day)

Your personality number represents how we interact with our environment, our basic attitude, and our approach to things. It shows how you come across to others.

Life Path Analysis (see calculator)

This number provides insight into your life path, which can also be described as your destiny. The premise of this calculation is that the numbers in your life are not random but are part of your life journey.

Year Number (date of your last birthday)

The year number shows you in which year of the cycle you are currently. The year number applies from the day of your last birthday until your upcoming birthday.

Relationship Number (addition of name numbers of partners)

What can numerology tell you about a relationship? What are the characteristics of the relationship with your current partner or your new love?

Housenumber numerolgy (based on house number)

Perhaps you've never thought about it, but do you have any idea how your house number plays a role in shaping your destiny? Each digit has a specific vibration, and a house number also carries a particular energy.