Spiritual Anatomy (Body)

Spiritual anatomy provides deeper insight into the spiritual significance of the body. Each organ, joint, or gland has its own profound spiritual meaning and function. By being aware of the signals our body sends, it becomes possible to recognize the underlying cause. Below, you will find, among other things, the spiritual meanings of body parts and a document describing the significance of various symptoms of illness

Spiritual meaning of body parts

Left side of the body Female aspect, feelings, spirituality, being, inhaling
Right side of the body Male aspect, reason, grounded, doing, exhaling
Right hemisphere of the brain Female aspect, feelings, spirituality, being, inhaling
Left hemisphere of the brain Male aspect, reason, grounded, doing, exhaling
Front of the body Emotional side, female aspect (Yin)
Back of the body Willful side, male aspect (Yang)
Shoulder Stress/tension, bearing a burden on the shoulders.
Scapula (Shoulder Blade): Willpower, standing up for oneself.
Elbow Letting something go, a hidden issue
Wrist Letting something slip through one's fingers
Lower back Stability, standing firm, uncertainty.
Hips Balance, equilibrium
Knees Movement.
Ankles Rhythm.
Atlas (neck vertebra) Standing in 'being.'
Eyes Seeing, understanding, learning, mirror
Ears Listening, understanding, inner voice
Nose Curiosity, learning, poking one's nose into other people's business.
Skin Feeling, the skin reveals much about the environment
Blood Circulation Harmony, zest for life, passion, rhythm
Hair Hair: Zest for life, let your hair down, strength, power.
Chin Contemplation
Jaws Grinding, repeating issues, Clamping down
Kidneys Fear, sorrow, toxic emotions.
Stomach Processing between feeling and reason, above and below.
Liver Holding onto something, having something on your mind.
Gallbladder Anger, bitterness, receiving love, melancholy.
Spleen Zest for life, dependence, self-confidence, overthinking.
Lungs Space for yourself, acceptance, taking a breath.
Large intestine Self-acceptance, letting go, negative thinking, emotion.
Small intestine Processing, ego, wisdom, being yourself, emotion.
Heart Consciousness, love, peace, desire, hatred, self-image.
Bladder Positivity, letting go, fear, restlessness.
Right Hand Exterior, the outside world, thinking, the past.
Left Hand Interior, you as an individual, intuition and the future, creativity, intuition and feeling, karma.
Thumb Intuition, perseverance, strength, impulsiveness, willpower, power, logical thinking, practical awareness, action (Venus/Fire).
Index Finger Manifestation, ambition, assertiveness, inspiration, authority, self-awareness, self-worth, independence, reason (Jupiter/Air).
Middle Finger Structure, ego, self, balance, responsibility, materialism, contemplation, determination (Saturn/Ether, Sky).
Ring Finger Idealism, beauty, creativity, relationships, emotional bonds (Apollo, Sun/Earth).
Little Finger Forgiveness, communication, money, trade, sexuality, spirituality, quick-wittedness, curiosity, foresight (Mercury/Water).

Spiritual meaning of various symptoms of illness

Jin Shin Jyutsu

Relieving both emotional and physical complaints directly by holding your fingers? With Jin Shin Jyutsu, it seems possible. With this ancient Japanese method, you heal yourself with your hands. Jin Shin Jyutsu literally means 'the Art (Jyutsu) of the Creator (Shin) through a compassionate person (Jin)'. It is an ancient Japanese healing art based on the innate ability to energetically balance and maintain yourself