The Power of the Moon

The moon and the sun have a great influence on nature. The moon also has gravity, and it attracts the water on Earth. The gravitational pull of the moon is the main reason for the occurrence of tides. Since humans consist of about seventy percent water, it is not a strange thought that the moon has an influence on humans as well. The moon goes through different phases, each with its own specific energy and power. These energies affect both nature and humans. When we are more attuned to the phases of the moon, we can harness the magical powers and energy it possesses to our advantage. Being aware of the moon and its power allows us to take certain actions at moments when the energy is favorable, making it easier to achieve the desired results.

Symbolic meaning of the moon

Similar to the sun, the moon has historically been assigned a symbolic meaning. The moon represents the feminine 'yin' energy. This energy is associated with emotions, feelings, mystery, intuition, wisdom, spirituality, connections, and primarily focuses on our unconscious behavior. Thus, the moon is the counterpart to the sun, which mainly relates to our conscious behavior and how we present ourselves in society


Maan Fases

New Moon

A new beginning, inspiration, potential, renewal, intentions, and manifestation.

The new moon is the subtle yet sparkling phase when the moon is not visible or only a thin crescent appears on the right side. During this phase, the moon is positioned between the Earth and the sun, making it invisible from Earth. It rises at sunrise and sets at sunset. The new moon emits a renewing and inspiring energy, making it a perfect time to embark on something new, generate fresh ideas, and make new plans. It is an ideal moment to perform a moon ritual to strengthen your dreams and wishes, enhancing their manifestation.


Young Moon (waxing crescent)

Growth, preparation, progress, belief, awareness, intentions, and expectations.

The young moon is characterized by its growing energy. It rises mid-morning and sets in the early evening, with a quarter of its right side illuminated. This phase symbolizes growth and belief in what you aim to achieve. It is the perfect time to keep your intentions, expectations, and wishes in mind and develop them further. During this phase, you become more aware of what you want to achieve, and your intentions and plans continue to sprout and grow. The moon's energy is conducive to growth, allowing you to focus on development, new plans, ideas, and innovation.


First Quarter

Action, challenges, decisions, and confidence.

Exactly half of the moon's right side is illuminated, and the other half is in shadow. It rises around noon and sets around midnight. This phase represents challenges, decisions, and taking action. The period of assessment and preparation, setting intentions, is over, and now it's time to get to work. In this phase, it's time to set your plans in motion so they can unfold more easily. It's time to solve problems, shape your ideas, and take steps toward execution. The moon's energy is now conducive to making decisions and taking action!


Waxing Gibbous Moon (increasing moon)

Evaluation, insights, adjustment, and refinement.

The moon is now three-quarters illuminated on the right side, rising in the afternoon and setting in the middle of the night. This phase is about evaluation and refinement. It's time to review your actions, understand them, and make adjustments. During this period, your own strength and insights build up, allowing you to oversee the whole situation, better understand things, and refine your plans. It's a phase where you can assess the situation, have good insights, and easily make adjustments. It's a period to refine yourself, your goals, or projects!


Full Moon

Culmination, emotions, results, forgiveness, letting go, and gratitude.

The moon is fully rounded and illuminated by the sun, rising at sunset and setting at sunrise. The moon's power is at its peak, noticeable from two days before to two days after the full moon. The energy varies depending on the zodiac sign the full moon is in and the aspects it makes to other planets. This makes the moon radiate an extra powerful energy. Many people experience difficulty sleeping during this period, emotions surface more intensely, and even menstrual bleeding can be more pronounced. The moon's energy influences our inner world (yin energy), intensifying the emotions and feelings we experience. The full moon is a good time to process emotions and release people, things, and patterns that no longer serve your best interests. In this moon phase, everyone's inner strength is enhanced, directly impacting your energy and creativity. This period is the time to complete projects, celebrate your achievements, and perform a moon ritual centered on letting go and expressing gratitude!


Waning Moon

Cooperation, relaxation, acceptance, and regrouping.

The moon is now three-fourths illuminated on the left side, with the light diminishing. It rises in the early evening and sets in the middle of the next morning. This phase represents completion and relaxation, a time to share your experiences with others and express gratitude. As the moon diminishes, adopting a different attitude towards life is appropriate. Just as the moon lets go, you can increasingly let go, both literally and figuratively.


Last Quarter

Evaluation, balance, trust, completion, and forgiveness.

The left side of the moon is now illuminated, rising in the early evening and setting in the middle of the next morning. This phase symbolizes evaluation, completion, and forgiveness. Before the new moon appears in the sky again, it's time to take stock, forgive, and conclude projects. You feel the need to share what you've learned or experienced.


Dark Moon (waning, balsamic, or karma moon)

Healing, rest, and surrender.

The moon is now barely visible, only a small part on the left side illuminated. It rises in the middle of the night and sets in the middle of the afternoon. This phase is about rest and relaxation, a perfect time to end things that are not good for you. It is a suitable phase for cleaning up and clearing, both literally and figuratively. This phase is focused on your recovery, take time for yourself to heal, rest, and relax.

Moon Astrology

Besides the phases of the moon, the moon also changes its astrological sign (zodiac sign) as it moves through the sky. This brings varying energy and themes that we can work with. The full moon and the subsequent new moon are in a different astrological sign. This is because the moon travels through the zodiac in about 28 days, placing it in a different astrological sign every 2.5 days. There are twelve different full moons and twelve different new moons in a year, covering each zodiac sign. Even if the moon is not in your sun sign, you can still notice its energy. The energy of the astrological sign where the moon is positioned applies to everyone. For example, when the moon is in the sign of Leo, not only someone with the Leo sun sign feels it, but everyone can feel and harness this powerful, charismatic, and courageous lunar energy. In the gallery below, the effects of the new and full moons are briefly described for each zodiac sign. However, the moon's energy does affect everyone differently in specific areas of life. This depends on your birth chart and the astrological house where the moon is located at a specific moment. To get a more complete understanding of the influence of a specific moon phase for you, look at both the zodiac sign where the moon is positioned and the life area it influences. If you want to know which life area a specific moon relates to or the characteristics associated with each zodiac sign, it's important to know what your birth chart looks like and delve into the astrological houses.

Moon Ritual

In principle, you can perform rituals two days before and two days after the full and new moon. The energy of the moon is strongest on the day itself. Utilizing moon energy and enhancing it by performing a ritual can help release certain aspects of your life or strengthen intentions. A ritual consists of a series of fixed actions performed in a specific order to emphasize the symbolic meaning. Moon rituals can be broadly categorized into two types: one focused on letting go of people and old emotions, and the other on manifesting and attracting the new.

To fully harness and direct the moon energy, you can align your intentions with the moon sign/aspect. The astrological sign (zodiac) in which the moon is placed represents the characteristics that are particularly powerful during that moon period. The house in which the moon is positioned in your personal horoscope indicates the life area where the moon energy has the greatest impact. Aligning your intentions with these factors enhances their strength.

Letting Go Ritual (Full Moon Energy):

During the full moon, emotions and feelings are intensified. The full moon energy is therefore suitable for a ritual to process emotions and let go of anything not in your best interest. The ritual can be shaped in various ways, as long as it is carried out with the right intentions. Reflect on your current situation, identify people, emotions, and patterns blocking or hindering you, process and release them. Focus on the positive feeling or result you'll experience when that aspect of your life is closed. Closing the old creates space for new things to enter. After letting go, give extra attention to what you want to manifest (new moon wish) so it can unfold during the full moon, reinforcing these intentions.

Manifestation Ritual (New Moon Energy):

The new moon emits an inspiring energy, making it a great time to embark on something new, generate new ideas, and formulate plans. It's an ideal period for a manifestation ritual. Reflect on your dreams, express gratitude for what you have, and attract more of it into your life. There are various ways to structure a manifestation ritual. Focus on positive aspects, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and intentions to evoke and attract positive energy. Reflect on your achievements of the past six months, be proud of yourself, and concentrate on points that bring you a sense of gratitude.

Creating Your Own Ritual:

Below are different ways to perform a moon ritual. If these rituals don't completely align with your preferences, feel free to create your own. Combine methods, devise symbolic actions, or add elements with personal or symbolic meanings. Intentions are central and form the basis of the ritual; actions and elements reinforce these intentions. The most crucial aspect is that the ritual feels good and safe—always follow your own feelings and intuition.

Some ideas for a moon ritual:

Take a moment for self-reflection (tarot, oracle cards, and pendulum can be used as aids).

  • Have a salt (foot) bath with Himalayan salt, sea salt, or Epsom salt (or a self-made herbal mix).
  • Cleanse jewelry, stones, and crystals and charge them under the moon.
  • Release old emotions and people; write them out!
  • Reflect on your successes of the past six months.
  • Practice gratitude and use affirmations.
  • Engage in a guided (moon) meditation.
  • Cut energy cords.
  • Purify your energy field and/or your home.
  • Create a positive/relaxed living environment.

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