Everyone can experience and generate the power of positive energy by tuning into it. Through focus, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and intentions, you can evoke and intentionally radiate positive energy. Thoughts and emotions emit energy waves, after which seemingly coincidental ideas, people, opportunities, things, or situations align with them on your path. This happens because energy attracts similar energies. These energies largely align because they vibrate at the same frequency, also known as the law of attraction and synchronicity. The energy waves you emit, whether consciously or subconsciously, shape your reality. Trust in yourself and in what you want to achieve is the foundation for actual manifestation.

Principles for Manifestation:

  • Every thought has a specific frequency and possesses magnetic power.
  • What you think and feel, whether consciously or unconsciously, you attract.
  • When thoughts are attached to powerful emotions (positive or negative), the creation process is accelerated.
  • A powerful way to manifest is through gratitude. I am grateful for {XXX}.
  • The subconscious mind doesn't recognize the word "not," so when you think about what you don't want, you actually attract it.
  • Never underestimate the power of repetition! The more you repeat positive thoughts and feelings, the better your subconscious absorbs them.


Thoughts can be directed, allowing us to determine how much time we dedicate to certain thoughts. It has been scientifically proven that positive thoughts increase (self)confidence. Affirmations are a form of positive self-suggestions that can be applied to positively influence the subconscious. If you repeat affirmations regularly, it can contribute to positively (re)programming your thought patterns.

The Secret ( The Law of Attraction )  

The Secret is based on the so-called Law of Attraction. The 'secret' consists of instructions on how to apply this law to achieve your goals. This law is based on the principle of duality and is closely related to manifestation. It boils down to the idea that humans can obtain 'everything' when focused on it with their thoughts, feelings, and intentions. You could describe it as the law of repulsion and attraction.  In The Secret, psychologists, philosophers, writers, quantum physicists, and entrepreneurs share insights on how to apply the law of attraction. This theory is not necessarily linked to a religious 'force' that guides your desires, but rather takes a more scientific approach combined with spirituality. The film of The Secret is also available on Netflix, and there is an official book and workbook released.


The Silva Method (The Power of Your Mind, Theory and Practice Audiobook

The Silva Method is the technique developed by José Silva to help you use more of your brain and enhance the creative abilities of your consciousness and intuition. The method teaches you to consciously reach the alpha level, after which you engage in targeted activities through visualizations and imaginations. Over the years, Silva International has refined the Silva Method. There is now a wide range of techniques, including concentration exercises, guided meditations, visualization techniques, and intuition tools.



"It is entirely possible to teach yourself to enter a state of hypnosis. With the right exercises, you can achieve this state of consciousness without the assistance of a hypnotist. During hypnosis, you come closer to your inner self and subconscious. Experiencing everything from a different perspective allows you to gain new insights more quickly. In this state of consciousness, you can exert better influence on unconscious thoughts, feelings, and patterns, and you become more receptive to positive self-suggestions. Self-suggestions can be applied to positively influence your well-being and/or to break old patterns and address issues.