Tips & Tricks (database)

Spirituality is a vast domain with a wide range of available information. While I use tarot cards and crystals to connect with my intuition, others might opt for methods like reading coffee grounds or sand. These methods share a common foundation of working with energy, aiming to release thoughts and make space for intuition. On this page, I have gathered information, videos, courses, documents, and practical exercises that have inspired and guided me on my spiritual journey. I use this page as a database to easily access and share information. I've decided to publish this page publicly so that anyone can benefit from it. Please note that I do not present the information below as absolute truth or intend to advocate for any particular perspective. I have consulted the information below to gain new insights from various viewpoints and develop my own perspective. Everyone charts their own course and assembles a holistic view of reality from their unique perspective.


The intention is to continually expand this database, so this page remains a work in progress. If you have any tips, tricks, information, guidance, or references to improve or add to this database, I would appreciate receiving them via a personal message, so I can consider them for the next update.


Creating a Safe Foundation / Energetic Protection

Establishing a secure foundation and protection against unwanted external energies is essential. This involves strengthening and safeguarding your personal energy field, understanding the importance of balanced energy exchange, severing obstructive energy cords, purifying energy fields and spaces, creating a positive living environment, and crafting personal rituals for energy protection.


Spiritual Anatomy of the Human Body (Meaning of Body Parts)

Spiritual anatomy offers insights into the spiritual significance of the human body. When there's an imbalance, overexertion, or blockage, the human body can communicate through signals like pain. Each organ, joint, gland, and body part has its unique spiritual meaning and function. This spiritual insight can provide a deeper understanding to better pinpoint the underlying causes of ailments. Techniques like Jin Shin Jyutsu can also be applied to alleviate emotional and physical issues independently.


Energetic Anatomy of the Human Body (Aura, Chakras, Meridians)

The energetic anatomy of the human body refers to the composition of the human energy field. Every living being has a unique energy field, a dynamic aspect that continually expands and contracts. This energy field, also known as the aura, consists of seven layers, interconnected with each other, chakras (energy centers), meridians, and the physical body. Each aura layer correlates with one of the seven primary chakras. These chakras are interconnected with the major meridians responsible for energy circulation throughout the human body. Every layer of the aura, the seven primary chakras, and the major meridians have their distinct characteristics, forms, vibrations, and so forth.


Manifestation (Law of Attraction)

Energy waves that you emit, whether consciously or subconsciously, shape your reality. Thoughts and emotions emit energy waves, subsequently attracting ideas, people, opportunities, objects, or situations that align with this energy. This occurs because similar energies attract. This phenomenon is widely known as the law of attraction and synchronicity. Trusting and believing in yourself and your ability to manifest are fundamental to making this a reality.



Our thoughts significantly influence our feelings and our energy field. Thoughts can be directed, enabling us to control the time we dedicate to specific thoughts. Scientifically, positive thoughts enhance self-confidence. Affirmations are a method to influence your thoughts, self-image, health, and self-confidence positively. They're a form of positive self-suggestion, designed to positively influence your subconscious. Affirmations consist of positive sentences repeated like a mantra. Regularly applying affirmations can help reprogram your thought patterns positively.  



Meditation is a technique to relax and clear your mind. It's a potent tool to connect with your inner self. Meditation involves stilling your mind and striving to enter an altered state of consciousness, focusing on the present moment. The key is not to control your thoughts but to observe, accept, and release them. Numerous meditation techniques, thoughts, and ideas are available. Inner peace generally lies at the heart of meditation.



Numerology translates to the "knowledge of numbers." It explores the symbolic meaning of numbers and broader interpretations of numerical symbolism. Numerologists believe that each number possesses unique characteristics and properties. All numbers and letters can be reduced to a single digit, except for master numbers. Numerology is rooted in Pythagoras' idea that all things can be expressed numerically because they can ultimately be traced back to numbers. Numerology features nine base numbers, each with its specific meaning.


Synchronicity, Angel Numbers & Angel Messages

Synchronicities are signals from the universe, directing your attention to specific aspects of your life. They are meaningful signs that appear in your life in seemingly inexplicable ways. These signs are often referred to as angel numbers and angel messages. While these signs might not catch your attention at first, noticeable coincidences or repeated signs will become apparent. These are meaningful happenings that occur without any apparent causal connection but seem to have significance. It is believed that synchronicity is a way in which the universe, our subconscious, or angels communicate with us.



For thousands of years, many have believed that the sun, moon, and planets influence our lives on Earth. Through the observation of recurring patterns, like the positions of planets and stars, and correlating them with events and moods, astrology was born. Astrology establishes connections between the positions of celestial bodies and human fate and earthly events. Horoscopes and zodiac signs are created using astrological principles.


The Power of the Moon

The moon and sun have a significant impact on nature. The moon, in particular, exerts gravitational forces on Earth, leading to phenomena like tides. Since humans are about 70% water, it's not a far-fetched idea that the moon also influences people. The moon has various phases, each with its specific energy and power. These energies have an impact on nature and humans. When you are attuned to the moon's phases, you can harness its energies to your advantage.


Gemstones and Crystals

Throughout history, gemstones and crystals have been ascribed diverse properties. In ancient times, the Egyptians used them for fortune-telling. The healing properties of gemstones and crystals have been known to people for centuries. Since the 11th century, researchers have documented stones' effects on body and mind. Each gemstone has its unique impact on the body and mind, such as enhancing personal power, providing protection, or addressing specific health issues.


Tarot and Oracle Cards

Tarot and oracle cards were developed as tools to better visualize energy fields, making them easier to interpret. These cards serve as sources of inspiration, enabling new insights from different perspectives. They are intended to provide a deeper understanding of what you might unconsciously sense or know. On this page, you can find more information about tarot and how to get started with it on your own. At the bottom of the page, you'll also find a link to various online oracles, diverse online tarot courses, and supplementary information.

Meaning of Colors

Each color holds its symbolic meaning and unique characteristics. Did you know that you're unconsciously influenced by the colors around you? Many people have personal color preferences, but colors can also affect your mood, living environment, appearance, productivity, and even your health.


Universal Laws

The term universal or cosmic laws is a concept within esotericism. Esoteric laws are religious ideas based on spiritual experiences. Centuries of oral tradition, as well as nearly all wisdom traditions, speak to the existence of universal laws. Particularly within esotericism and the New Age movement, Universal Laws are viewed as the foundation from which humanity can evolve towards a higher consciousness. Ancient mystical, esoteric, and secretive teachings from thousands of years ago provide insight into these universal laws. These laws describe and explain the essence, meaning, and operation of the universe. It is assumed that these laws are active in the daily lives of people and have a significant influence on our existence.